Dom Co announces New Crypto Currency: DomCoin


Helsinki, Maryland

Dom Co has begun distribution of a new crypto currency, the Dom Coin, or more officially the Dom Co Dom Coin Crypto Currency (DCDCCC).  Unlike other crypto currencies, which are “mined,” or NFTs, which are “minted,” the Dom Coin is produced solely from a series of tests of “true domliness.”  Included on the initial lists of challenges are the “ability to flog Florentine style,” “the ability to offer an opinion on any topic, regardless of actual knowledge,” and “how many other Dom Co products the Dominant in question already owns.”

Dom Coins may only be owned by those who possess “true dominance” which is also measured by Dom Co brand loyalty and number and frequency of purchases.

Submissives may not own Dom Coins, but may give them to their Dominant partners as “gifts.”

As of the writing of this article, Dom Coins were not yet trading on any of the major crypto currency markets, but Rowdy Hughes, leatherman, dominant, and spokesperson for Dom Co’s new financial services division has vowed to “make BitCoin and all those other pussy cryptos his bitch.”



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