princessCongratulations!  You scored as a Disney Princess!  But you probably knew that already because you think you know everything, don’t you Princess?  Well, here is something you don’t know–people think you are a stuck up whiny brat who has no concept of how the world really works or your place in it.  People are sick of you and they find you tedious and annoying.  BTW, no one cares what you think about anything, so you can stop giving your idiotic opinions about whatever the fuck you think is important.  You are a vapid, dimwitted, idiot and all of those “great insights” that people tolerate coming out of your mouth are the things people make fun of you for behind your back.

People call you all sorts of names behind your back but you are too conceited to think that could ever happen to you, right?  Well take a note “Princess.”  The only reason people smile and laugh around you is because they want to get in your pants.  Sure you are sorta hot right now, but give it a few years.  Looks fade and when yours do you are going to find out who your real friends are (hint: you don’t have any).

Enjoy your 30s.  Alone.  “Princess.”