Dear Annie: Finding A Dominant


Dear Annie,

i am a 39 year old female slave who has been in the lifestyle for 26 years. i only mention that to provE i am a true slave, and how everything used to be so much better before. My question is, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MEN????? They’re all mother fucking pansy-assed betwatted panty sniffers and i hate Them. i tell Them and tell Them how to be a REAL Master. But do They listen? IS IT SO FUCKING HARD TO ORDER mE TO BE WAITING NAKED ON ALL FOURS WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT mY DOOR, AND TO TELL mE i DAMNED WELL BETTER HAVE A STEAK WAITING AND A GIANT BUTTPLUG IN mY ASS? WOULD IT HONESTLY KILL YOU TO MAKE ME GO TO WORK WITHOUT PANTIES? REALLY???

i possess a slave heart. my greatest passion in life is to serve. Is it really too much to ask for a real Master that is particular about how His coffee is prepared and if i fail will punish me with ten cane strokes (only after a proper warm-up, of course) and finish with four forced orgasms?

Sad in San Diego, wtevr

Dear Sad in San Diego,

All I can say is Amen!

Training a man is hard work and if you want to create the perfect Dominant Master, you really need to have patience and remember that men are not mind readers. You are going to have to tell them frequently what they should be doing if they are truly going to be Dominant.  Once they start doing things the way they like, you’ve lost them and you are going to find it very hard to ever get them to perform as a real dominant. I would recommend a program of positive reinforcement.

When he does something right and domly, praise him.  Try something like “good boy” or “whatta good Master” and when he behaves in ways you don’t like, any correction needs to be swift and immediate.  It is a proven fact that the power of correction diminishes rapidly as the time between the incident and correction increases.  So, swift, immediate, and firm correction is a necessity!

Finding a true master who can take direction is a challenging path, but far better than settling for someone who always “wants things his way all the time.”  You may want to test a new relationship by making up a list of acceptable punishments and behaviors that you want rewarded and punished.  If you are willing to be a little brave, offer him 2 or 3 punishment options for each offense.  But be prepared!  You may not always get it exactly your way.  But sometimes you need to trust.

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