50’s Household Fetish Declared “Not So Good for Minorities”



“It appears to be an almost entirely white thing,” said Dr. Martha Grimes, researcher and sociologist at the University of Florida. “For most minorities in America, the 1950s consisted mostly of being underpaid, discriminated against on a daily basis, and having limited opportunities for and social mobility. Nothing really to turn into a fetish there.”

While many see the gender roles of the 1950s as applicable to contemporary BDSM relationship, Master Greb Turner, 52, believes it is time we move past archaic models of gender. “Many of my friends are gender fluid or don’t identify with gender at all. I don’t think there was much of that in the 1950s.”

Holly Denby, 22, disagrees, “I find the structure and clear roles refreshing. The world today can be so confusing. I prefer a time when people had fewer options and more clarity. I mean, white women, not black people or hispanics or gay people. Ah, I see where you are going with this now.”

Harry Yuban, the owner of the Florida dungeon The Shack, says he is often believed to be a supporter of the 1950s fetish. He says it’s not true. “We just haven’t updated any of the dungeon decor or kitchen appliances. People just assume we support 1950s fetishism because all our stuff looks like it comes from that era. Not true, We are just lazy.”

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  1. I think it shouldn’t matter what race or ethnic background you are. There’s nothing sexier than greeting my husband ( when I do get married) after a long day of work taking off his shoes, lighting his cigarettes and preparing a meal dressed ladylike. I don’t want to be transported to the back of the bus and called the n word, its just about the dynamic of being the domestic wife, with my man in charge.. turning our phones off, putting our stress out the door and serving one anothers sexual/sensual tastes…..within boundaries and limits of clear understanding.

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