96 Year Old Grandmother Killed in “Birthday Spanking” Snafu



Tragedy ensued Saturday when senior citizen Martha Welsh, 96, stumbled into the Hell’s Inferno Dungeon looking for her fellow seniors to celebrate her birthday. When asked what she was doing in the dungeon, she told onlookers, “It’s my birthday.”

Unbeknownst to the 96 year old woman, the dungeon has a long standing tradition of giving birthday spankings, requiring one stroke or spank for each year.

It wasn’t until they were into the upper 60s that anyone realized something was wrong.

“She wasn’t really dressed for it,” Mistress Megan, a 27 year old dominatrix told The Daily Flogger, “but when you get a grandma, you sort of expect she’s gonna be wearing granny panties, so it didn’t seem unusual.”

By the time they had gotten to 85 strokes, the woman had become unresponsive.

“We thought she understood,” said Dungeon owner Gary Maddox.  “We asked her point blank.  You are 96, you know what that means, right?”

According to witnesses, the elder Mrs. Welsh responded, “Yes, I do young man.  I know perfectly well what that means.”

At that point the spanking proceeded.

“She seemed to be enjoying it at first,” said slave Kevin, who even managed to get in a few spanks in the round robin beating, “but by the time we hit 90, she was just staring blankly.  She got real quiet.  We probably should have stopped.”

EMTs were called to the scene, but were unable to revive the elderly woman.

Photo credit: Daniel cc: by nc

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