AMA Issues Statement on “Medical Play”



Dr. Solomon Grubschmidt and Dr. Marjorie Kessel held a press conference to raise awareness about the rise of what is called “medical play” within the BDSM community.

“These people are not doctors and do not have degrees. What they are doing is pretending to be doctors or using medical devices in erotic ways which have little to no diagnostic or medicinal purpose.”

While the medical community finds little harm in this style of erotic play, they are hoping that the community will cooperate with the AMA in a certification and training system.

Dr. Kessel discussed the dangers or risks of enema play specifically and suggested a “3 day training program” in which anyone who was interested could give her an enema, while people watched and observed her reactions.

Dr. Grubschmidt also volunteered to help people experiment with “invasive medical examinations, punishment enemas, cutting, needle play and surgical staples. Especially women, younger women, say 18-24 who can be kind of bitchy or arrogant.”

Dr. Kessel also added that she was especially interested in providing assistance to men over 6 feet tall who “know how to take care of their bodies and aren’t afraid to let a woman know who is charge, even if that woman is a highly accomplished doctor.”

The AMA training program promises to be enormously successful with hundreds of medical professionals signing up to volunteer for workshops all across the US and Canada.

Photo credit: Penn State CC: NC

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