Atheists Picket Local Dungeon Over St. Andrew’s Cross



A group of BDSM atheists have started a new campaign to ban the use of St. Andrew crosses in dungeon environments due to the equipment’s religion symbolism and significance.

“We don’t know what it actually represents,” said Master Geo, “but we know it is religious and that can’t be good.”

Slave Bree told The Daily Flogger that she believes the Constitution says “you can’t have religion in public or in the same place and government or in schools. And since we do educational stuff in dungeons, it is like making people pray in school, which is illegal.”

The group’s protest consisted of four people holding signs and chanting “Hey Ho, the cross must go!” over and over again.

Most of the dungeon members assembled for the party paid no attention to the protest, using the cross freely, not sure what the fuss was about.

Martin Natz, 45, owner of the play space said the cross has “been in the play space for years” and that “just about every dungeon in the world has at least one.” According to Natz, there are no plans to remove the cross.

“These people are just looking for attention, they probably don’t even know who St. Andrew was,” said Natz.

Slave Bree responded to Natz slight, “Do too! He was the religious guy who made crosses and tried to make everyone religious. That is why they have to go. The crosses I mean.”

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