Bi Woman Confuses Kinksters



Marjorie Klem, 26, is a recent transplant to the New Mexico kink scene. Her move from Quebec, Canada coincided with her decision to come out to the kink community.

“For some reason a lot of people were curious about whether or not I was ‘bi’ and I assumed they meant bilingual, coming from a French Canadian area,” says Klem.

Kinksters, of course, were asking about Klem’s sexuality. Candice Cornwall, 42, runs a large group for bisexual women and is always looking for new members.

“I have to say we were all really disappointed when we found out she is straight, because she is really cute and has such an adorable accent,” says Cornwall. “We still are letting her come to our events. Maybe she’ll decide to explore a bit, like she does with language.”

Klem says she has never considered play with another woman, but the BDSM aspect of it does seem appealing to her.

“They keep wanting me to say ‘eh’ after everything and be super polite. I don’t ask them to say ‘mucho gracis’ even though lots of people speak Spanish here. It’s really annoying,” Klem told The Daily Flogger.

Photo credit: Mark Stevens CC: NC SA

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