Celebrities Endorse Nipple Clamps; Sales Skyrocket



Whose famous tits are sporting the new DomCo Nipple Clamps?  That is the question BDSM kinksters have been asking since the annoucement of the imminent launch of DomCo’s “Celebrity Nipple Clamp” campaign, where several famous kinky women have been endorsing the sexy torture device.

The catch?  You have to buy the product to reveal who’s nipples are being clamped.

All DomCo will say is that the list includes several Hollywood “A listers” and that there are 12 celebrity breasts in all.

Since the announcement of pre-sales of the product line, DomCo has seen revenues increase 2000%.

“Nipple clamps have always been popular,” said Marcia Sweet, spokesperson for the newly formed breast torture division, “but we’ve never seen anything like this before.”

While a few of Hollywood’s elite have denied involvement, most are remaining quiet.  Starlet Kate Winslet told The Daily Flogger, “you will just have to buy a pair and see.  You never know.”

Several blogs and websites have speculated on who may be involved, but so far, no definitive list has been made public.

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