Chainsaw Fetish Play “Fun But Dangerous”



A new fad is sweeping the Utah BDSM community–chainsaw play.

“It’s really hot,” says KittyKatKlaws, 22. “I love the sounds, the smells of the burning oil and gasoline, and the effects. It is like artistic cutting, but edgier. I am all about edge play.”

Master Quint Zingerbacker, 57, says he got the idea after spending a few months working in Oregon as a lumberjack. “I thought, hey, these things are cool. I wonder if I could use a chainsaw in a BDSM scene.”

Zinergbacker started by just bringing his Husqvarna 460 Rancher 24 Inch Chainsaw to the dungeon as a kind of show and tell, but soon dungeon goers wanted to see more.

“There were a few accidents at first, but like all BDSM this stuff is hit or miss and trial and error,” said Zingerbacker.

Marion McCoy, 24, disagrees. McCoy, who lost her arm in a BDSM Chainsaw accident thinks this kind of play is “irresponsible and dangerous,” but admits is can also be “really, really fun and scary.”

“The problem,” McCoy believes, “is not chainsaws themselves, it is the lack of education. My top didn’t realize that a chainsaw could actually dismember someone if used inappropriately.”

Even though she only has one arm now, McCoy doesn’t hold a grudge. “We practice RACK, risk aware consensual kink, so it is all good.”

Photo credit: Joe Benjamin CC: NC

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