Christian Group Declares “Flogging Fetish” Acceptable



Family First, a local fundamentalist Christian group has declared flogging and some forms of whip play to be “acceptable” with the provision that “you must be thinking about Jesus when you are doing it.”

Rev. Musgrave Trimwalt, spokesman for the group explained that flogging can “help you understand what Christ went through and the meaning of his sacrifice.”

While the group would not endorse crucifixion play as acceptable, the reverend believes that most would “look the other way, if the intention was pure.”

Flogging and whip play are now added to “water sports” which the group believes symbolizes baptism and the need of Jesus to urinate during his final days.  (As Reverend Trimwalt says, “we forget that there were no porta-potties at the crucifixion”).

According to Mary Hense, 47, the group is trying to justify bondage as well.  “The problem is, the Bible only talks about people being led out of bondage, but never into it,” she said.  “But I think we are close to a rationalization or justification, whatever you want to call it.”

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