Woman Mixes BDSM and Drugs, Still Has “Excellent Scene”



A local woman, Katey Orin, 27, is under scrutiny by local BDSM safety authorities after having a scene with Master Jerome Stin, 48. The couple, who have been off and on play partners for 8 years decided to engage in a flogging scene when Orin was “really fucking high.”

According to Stin, the two decided to test the long held conventional wisdom that you should never mix BDSM, alcohol, and drugs. “We scored this really choice medical marijuana and to be completely honest, Katey is kind of a pothead, so we figured wed give it a try.”

For Orin, the scene was “excellent.” She told The Daily Flogger, “I was really, really high and loved the flogging. The music was really awesome too. I managed to work out an entire movie to the soundtrack that was playing. It was about birth and death and how Jesus was never really the son of God, but the Father of Life and could speak to animals. Well, it made a lot more sense when I was high.”

For Orin, the experiment was a success. “I don’t think speed or meth or coke would be a good idea, but a glass of wine to loosen up or a couple of bong hits seem to really make things flow.  Next time we are going to try X.  I like X.”

The dungeon owner said he was “unaware of the couple’s decision to smoke pot before playing.”  According to the play space policies, “Alcohol and drugs are prohibited.”  A spokesperson for the dungeon said they have not made a decision about whether to ban the couple or create their own dispensary.

Photo credit: Austin Appel CC: NC SA

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