Conference Issues Refund for “Slave Position” Class



What started off as a promising and interesting class quickly devolved into grumbling and discontent among class goers when they began to realize the presenter, Master Gordo Morts, a 19 year old “capped master” had no idea what we was talking about.

Morts has gone on record as “really regretting the decision to teach the class with so little preparation,” but believes that students in the class may be over-reacting by asking for a refund.

The class, as part of Florida’s annual Beyond Kink Leatherfest, was billed as “the only class you will ever need to take” on slave positions and positioning.  It quickly became apparent when Morts had the audience stand and “put their right foot in and take their right foot out.  Put their right foot in and shake it all about” that the young master had a limited grasp of traditional slave position training.

“He was doing the fucking Hokey-Pokey,” said Mistress Alexandra Brash, 41.  “I was prepared for Gor or some bullshit like that, but not to shake my foot ‘all about.'”

That is when others started to walk out and demand their money back.   organizer Beth Helmuth said she has had people complain before, but never had an entire class demand a refund.  “It must have been pretty awful to get that kind of reaction.  The class proposal had no mention of the Hokey-Pokey or any of the other things Gordo Morts was teaching.  We are all shocked.”

By the end of the class only Tiffany Krebs, an 18 year old submissive, was remaining.  She told The Daily Flogger, “I love the Hokey-Pokey and Gordo is really cute.  I don’t understand what the big deal is?”

Photo credit: TheDoorman CC: NC SA

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