Couple’s SM Scene Unwittingly Opens “Hellmouth”



Dungeon goers at the central California dungeon, The Basement, were treated to a spectacular display of fire, brimstone, and the appearance of several demons after a couple mistakenly opened a “hellmouth” allowing all the evil of the netherworld to momentarily spill forth into this dimension.

Tina and Bill Smitthers, a couple who frequent the dungeon often, mistakenly uttered a sacred and traditional incantation as part of their scene, which was consummated when blood from the woman hit the ground during a knife play and cutting scene.

“She tends to blather and scream and wail during our scenes, so I didn’t think much of it,” said Bill Smitthers. “Apparently it turned out to be some secret Latin phrase and when I cut her, it made a big hole open up which went straight to hell.”

Fortunately, dungeon owner Curtis Jones, 63, has seen this kind of thing before. “It was just a matter of speaking a counter-spell, sealing the breach, and throwing some holy water around the dungeon.”

According to Jones, hellmouth breaches occur a few times a year, but only rarely do demons “issue forth into the worldly realm.”

Jones has considered banning blood play, but instead he decided to educate himself in Latin and ancient rites, making it an easy fix should someone open the gates of hell accidentally.

Tina Smitthers said she was “mortified by the incident,” and has promised to be “more careful” about her moaning and wailing during scenes.

“I don’t really know any Latin. Hell, I flunked high school Spanish twice. That is the full extent of my foreign language skills.”

For Jones, it was a simple decapitation, separate burial of the head and body of the lesser demon and a “couple of banishments” which led to an end of the problem.

“I know she feels bad, but I tried to tell her that ‘shit happens’ and she shouldn’t change what she is doing.”

The Smitthers intend to return to the dungeon, but are considering impact play or perhaps some rope bondage, instead of blood play and cutting.

“It is just not worth risking bringing forth the Dark Lord for a thousand years of rule over all living things,” Bill Smitthers added. “Fortunately Tina just uttered a minor phrase and Jonesy knew what to do with the hellspawn. It was definitely an eye opener.”

Photo Credit: Billy Wilson cc: by nc

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