Dear Annie: Should I Always Do What Master Says?


Dear Annie,
I am a slave in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship. After 2 years together, my Master has asked me to tie him to the bed, poop on his chest, call him degrading names, and then fuck his ass with a 10″ strap on dildo. It is hard for me to think about him being dominant anymore. Should I do as he tells me to?

He insists it is very, very dominant for him to “beg me like a little girl to use my slutty ass.” It is hard for me to see him that way, especially when he puts on a French Maid uniform first.

He has assured me that most Masters do this.

Confused in Connecticut

Dear Confused,

What you are feeling is natural and normal. What your Master is going through is also natural and normal. I think he would like it even more if you took pictures and video and shared them online. Don’t tell him you are going to do it, just make it a special surprise.

Trust me, he’ll appreciate the fact that you are breaking down barriers and helping all dominant men accept their scatologically obsessed, anally penetrated, humiliation slut inner child.

I would recommend thinking of it as “service” because if you do it once, you are going to be doing it a lot.

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