Dear Annie: Does Size Matter?


Dear Annie,

I have always been embarrassed by the size of my penis. I am currently seeing a woman who told me she loves men with large cocks. I have put off showing her mine, as it is only 10″ erect (and only 8″ soft). I want to be honest with her, but almost every guy I know is always bragging about how huge he his, so I am sure I won’t “measure up.”

Tiny in Topeka

Dear Tiny,

This is probably one of the more frequent questions I get asked by men.  Does size matter?  Yes!  To all women and bigger is always better.  You definitely fall on the “smallish” side.  My advice to you would be to avoid this woman completely.  Instead, find someone like me who is willing to take pity on you and have sex with your smallish 10″ cock two or three times a day to help you get over your feelings of inadequacy.

I sent you my contact information.  We should get started on this problem immediately.

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