Dear Annie: Dungeon Wear


Dear Annie,

This weekend I will be going to my first dungeon party.  I am a collared slave, so I know I will be wearing my collar, but other than that I have no idea what to wear!  Help!

Most people said “Ask you Master” but he is hopeless.  Whenever I ask what he likes seeing me in, he just shrugs and says “whatever” or “naked”  (he prefers me naked for our rope sessions).  I am not sure I am ready to be naked in front of a bunch of strangers!

Help me Annie!

Fashion Challenged in Fresno

Dear Challenged,

I wish I could sympathize but I am one of those people who just looks good in anything and doesn’t have to do much to “make it work.”  I guess the question I would toss back to you is, “Why aren’t you like that?”

It is possible your Master does care, deeply, but doesn’t want to embarrass you about your awful fashion sense.  After seeing the picture of you together, I think my best advice would be to have him contact me privately and I can set up a special consultation with him to go over a few things.  You said in your note, he was very good with rope, right?

If you could send me a quick follow up with any other details such as his favorite color or any particular female celebrities he admires, I am sure I can figure out something for us.  I mean you.

I do understand your hesitation to be naked.  I have the same issue.  All that talk of how “perfect your body is” and the “are you sure you aren’t a lingerie model?” talk can be so off putting.


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