Dear Annie: What is a fetish?


Dear Annie,

I was reading on the Internet about fetishes and fetishism.  I think I may have one.  What do I do now and how do I get rid of it?

Confused in Canada

p.s. the fetish is that I like seeing women’s underwear and sometimes I put panties on my head and dance around like that.

Dear Confused,

Your fetish is perfectly normal and natural and is really nothing to feel bad or ashamed about.  As for getting rid of it, that is not how things work.  I am afraid you are stuck with it, so you might as well learn how to enjoy it.  Speaking of which, I would be very happy to sell you a pair of my panties.  They are $15 a pair with shipping additional.  I wear them for a day and then send them to you in a zip locked bag.  You can specify type of panties and color.  Order them by sending a money order (or cash) to:

Annie Cumswallow

2929 E Main St.

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

You can also sign up for my “panty of the week” club for a discount.

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