Demo Ruined by “Unresponsive Bottom”



Mistress Tina Tucker, 22, is livid today after her wax play demonstration was, what she described as, “completely ruined” by Slave Kevin’s “complete and total lack of response.”

According to Kevin, “the wax was supposed to hurt and it just didn’t. Maybe I have a high pain tolerance, but at one point I had to actually have her tell me when the wax was being dripped because I just couldn’t feel it.”

Tucker was upset by the lack of reaction. “I had called the demo ‘Wax for Pain: Sadistic Play with Hot Wax’ so it was a little counterproductive when he didn’t even wince when the wax hit his skin.”

Onlookers were unimpressed by the demo. One top, Tim Graham, 43, told The Daily Flogger that he was “interested in wax play at one point,” but that “after watching this demo, he was probably never going to try it.”

Mistress Kim, 34, described the demo simply as “unimpressive.”

At one point, in frustration, Mistress Tina held an open flame to the bottoms skin to try to get a reaction, which Slave Kevin described as “warm, but not uncomfortable, in spite of the application of flame causing second degree burns.

“It will be the last time I use him as a bottom,” said Mistress Tina. “He really torpedoed my reputation though.”

Photo credit: chetbox

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