DIY Leather; Man Makes Own Floggers



A local man disgusted by the high prices of BDSM floggers opted to take a unique approach and make his own.

Vince Caltrop, 67, decided it was time to go right to the source.  Instead of buying a flogger or even the leather to make one, he purchased a whole cow.

“I just found a cheap one, because that is where the leather comes from, the inside of the cow I think.”

Caltrop, who is now retired, spent 47 years hauling asbestos and other dangerous chemicals for a major chemical company.

He was happy to have a cow on his property for a while, “I named her Mabel,” he reported, “but feeding her turned out to be expensive and they tend to shit everywhere.”

When local ASPCA and PETA groups heard about Caltrop’s plan, they tried unsuccessfully to intervene.

“I’m not paying $250 for a pair of floggers when I can get a whole cow for about that price.  Plus you get milk and meat.  So, I figured I would just hang out with the cow for a while and then find someone to help me turn the cow into floggers,” the slightly confused retiree told The Daily Flogger.

Caltrop was able to butcher the cow and skin it, providing ample leather for a pair of floggers before the ASPCA could get an injunction to stop the process.

No one would assist Caltrop with the construction of the floggers, finding the whole thing, as one leatherworker described it, “creepy and weird.”

Caltrop remained dedicated to seeing the project through, eventually constructing the floggers, using bones for handles and sinew to attach long strips of cow skin to the bones.

“They may not be the best looking ones in the dungeon, but they are mine.  And Mabel’s.  OK, well, mostly Mabel’s.”

photo credit: David Blackwell. cc

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