Dom Finally Receives Response from Form Email



Area dom SireSmithee was stunned today when he received his first response to a mass emailing of form letters that had he had been sending out for more than 20 months. 

“I’ve been hoping to find the perfect slave for some time,” SireSmithee told this reporter. “I don’t expect much—someone who will serve my insatiable sexual needs with my goals of total worship. Having a slave in service to me to do my bidding…and clean mom’s house…would be incredibly rewarding to me. I’ve read so much about slaves in service and I’m confident there will be a subservient woman who will be rewarded being on her knees day in and day out…particularly when she’s working on Mom’s bunions.”

Smithee forwarded his form email to The Daily Flogger which included things like, “…your a hotblack women then mmmmmyou shall be my slave!” [sic]which was sent en masse without concern for race or, occasionally, gender. Smithee lost count on how many form emails he has sent via FetLife, Facebook, .alt groups and other platforms, but estimates the number at more than 500.

“Today someone responded with something other than ‘leave me alone’ or ‘stop emailing me’ and I knew from the start this was just an odds game. I knew I would find the right one if I just had persistence.”

The Daily Flogger contacted the responder in question to inquire about why she was the one to write to Smithee. After a number of attempts to contact her, this reporter received a reply from OrgsmGrrrl. “I began to send a form response to men about two years ago” she replied in a written communication. “It’s a lot easier than ignoring these men with their self aggrandizing visions and unrealistic fantasies. I used to ignore them, but they would just keep writing. Over time I’ve found if you respond positively these creeps just freeze up 90% of the time.”

This reporter didn’t have the heart to share this information with SirSmithee. Or to inform him that OrgsmGrrrl was a dude from Fresno.

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