Dom “Really, Really Sorry” for Bruises

Omaha Dom Syd Krill noted to area dungeon friends he felt “really, really sorry” for the bruises he left on Julie M. “She wanted to play hard, we negotiated everything in advance and the scene played out exactly as planned,” said Krill. “But a couple of days later when I ran into Julie at a munch I was just appalled at the bruises she had on her thighs and bottom. It was terrible!”
Julie M. had this to say about the bruises incurred during their scene at a local dungeon. “Yeah, that’s pretty much what I expected, but he kept going on and on about it. He seemed really shocked he’d done that and he was pretty upset.”
Dr. Aaron Creegert, Senior Researcher at the Research Psychiatric Center in Alexandria, Virginia and noted “kink-aware” psychiatrist describes Krill’s condition as “scene remorse,” a psychological condition where “…the top becomes progressively annoying in the days that follow a session in which marking or bruising took place.”
Julie M. reports no fewer than 11 texts and two voicemails from Krill apologizing for the bruises. “It’s really getting on my nerves.”
Creegert said, “Doms and tops often talk a big game, but when they ‘deliver’ in a scene they aren’t prepared for the ramifications of their actions. It weighs on them and they can become obsessive. It’s ugly, really.”
Krill had this to say about the aftermath: “I did what I did. I never knew I’d actually bruise her. What if she goes swimming? This is terrible…” Krill hasn’t been seen at the dungeon for weeks following the scene.
“I enjoy our sessions, but it’s having to listen to the guy apologize incessantly that’s what feels like a punishment,” Julie M. told this reporter.
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