Dominant Man Confused with Rapper; Triggers “Rap War”



Today a dominant man is recovering at St. Jude’s Hospital, the victim of a drive by assault. Master P, 32, was recently confused with Interscope Records recording artist Master “P” after being interviewed by the local news.

The local dominant man made a number of comments critical of the local dungeon’s rules and dismissal of several complaints about unsafe practices in the play area, which west coast rapper LilGeorge took as a personal attack on his character.

“Yo, he was all up in my grill,” says LilGeorge. “I had to do something, because I thought he was dissing me and my work.”

In retaliation, it is being reported that LilGeorge allegedly threw a glass bottle at the head of Master P as he was exiting his home, knocking him unconscious and leaving a large gash requiring 4 stitches.

“I have no idea who this guy is and I have never participated in rap music. I don’t particularly care for the genre,” said Master P. “Apparently my name sounds like some other guy’s who is a rapper. That is why this guy threw a bottle at me.”

“He’s lucky,” Officer Jim Cork, told The Daily Flogger, “LilGeorge has a reputation for much worse, including smashing car windows and lighting houses on fire.”

“I guess I got off easy,” said Master P, “though I don’t have a car and I rent, so I guess the bottle thing makes sense.”

The real Master “P” released a statement claiming to not know who LilGeorge or Master P was, but encouraging people to buy his latest album.

Photo credit: nelrojar / Nelson Rojas A. CC: NC

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