Dominant Man Discovers “More to it than Just Sex”



Melvin Groop, 26, says he is new to the world of BDSM has been “surprised to find that being dominant isn’t just about having more sex.”  The newly minted Dom has been attending a number of workshops, ranging from skills courses on rope bondage to classes on polyamory and master/slave dynamics.

After viewing the movie 50 Shades of Grey, Groop was determined to find his own sexually submissive, virgin, co-ed and was shocked to find most of the women in the BDSM scene were not only out of college, but actually held jobs and had normal lives.

“I met this one who was a banking executive.  She was like 30 something.  There was none of that in the movie and I heard the book was no different,”  Groop lamented.

Groop says he will continue in the BDSM world for the time being, but “resents all the work and learning” that is required to gain the respect of his peers.

“I told one woman I had tastes that were ‘very singular’ and that I ‘didn’t do romance,’ and she laughed at me,” Groot explained, “no one laughs at Christian Grey, so I am not sure why they thought it was funny when I said it.”

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