Dominant Man Skips Conference; Says Nothing



Master James “Spanker” Nubrick, 32, has decided to not attend this year’s local celebration held in a neighboring town.

Unlike most who decided not to attend events and then post long rants about why they are electing to not attend, Nubrick has remained silent.

When pressed on the issue, Nubrick told The Daily Flogger, “I attend some events and skip others.  Sometimes it is because I have a conflict.  Sometimes it is because I am interested in other things.  It isn’t really a big deal.  I am sure the people who go will have a great time, even if it isn’t right for me this time around.”

Kimberly McCormick, 38, organizer of the celebration event commented, “We’re not really sure how to respond.  That actually sounds reasonable.”

Frustrated by Nubrick’s lack of vitriol and anger, one member of the community has posted a response to Nubrick on the popular fetish website Fetlife, entitled “Why I Can No Longer Support James Nubrick’s Silence about Celebration.”  The post has received more than 1000 comments and divided the community.

Photo credit: sultmhoor  CC: SA

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