Dominant Men Consumate Bromance By Exchanging Hats



“Men today have no real right of passage, no way to show each other how important we are in each other’s lives,” according to Master Tippy Hallow.  “What we have proposed is mutual capping ceremonies.”

Unlike traditional ceremonies where the community recognizes someone for their contribution to leather, these covering events are based on how much two men like each other, a so called “ bromance.”

The ritual begins with social media, trading “wall posts” about how much they love and respect each other, and escalate to in person “bonding” usually with their partners and involving going out to eat or other recreational activities.

“We like to use the term ‘brother’ because it sounds good and doesn’t make people think we are gay,” said Master Yango, a covered straight leatherman.

“Once I got my cap, I couldn’t wait to give one to my brother.  You get to do that.  It is part of the power of the cap,” says Yango.

Tippy and Yango, who have been “tight” for more than 3 months are now “hat brothers” and forever linked by that connection.

“It’s a real honor,” Tippy told The Daily Flogger, “I would do anything for my brother.”

Photo credit: «davemc» CC: SA

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