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Have you ever been to a BDSM conference?

girl1_sized No, but I have been in a bunch of gang bangs. One was 30 guys, so that is kind of like a conference.

-Kat Krimpi, 19, Museum Docent

girl 4 pc 26 I used to give a presentation about flogging at conferences. Eventually I realized it was just hitting people with a bunch of leather. Saying that doesn’t make a very good class, though.

-Yana Drumboskawitz, 21, Student Nurse

man2 pc28 For some reason they always tell me they are sold out. I can never get tickets.

-Mel Perlon, 57, Sock Fitter

Photo credits: Jasper Gregory, (cc), HM Revenue & Customs (cc)

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  1. During the 2016 Phoenix Pride Festival i hosted a flogging booth to raise money for charity. We flogged well over 100 volunteers during the two days of the festival.

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