Entire Community Has Opinion on Why Donna Can’t Find a Dom



In a town hall last night, more than 30 members of the local community gathered at the local library for a frank and honest discussion of why Donna Fields, 32, can’t seem to find a dominant man.

“Well, she comes across as bossy and a little self-centered,” Beth Mortenson, 19, told the assembled kinksters, “especially for a slave.”

Master Jeffery, 47, added “It goes beyond being a smart ass masochist or even just having a strong personality. She’s a little bit crazy and not in the good way.”

A number of others speculated on whether she may have a drinking problem after witnessing her have “a few too many” at a local munch.

Kendra Briggs, 45, questioned whether Fields was “actually even D/s or M/s. She doesn’t seem very to me and she is always complaining about the men in the scene.”

The assembled men, when questioned, all agreed they wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with Fields, calling her “too much work” and “10 pounds of crazy in a 5 pound bag.”

Consensus was that Field’s best shot was to use social media or online dating to find some new guy that hadn’t yet learned of her reputation.

“There is always some new dom who comes along bragging and blustering about how dominant he is,” said Debbie McKnight, a 10 year veteran of the local scene, “and while we all know it won’t end up working out, it is always fun to watch.”

Fields, the subject of the discussion and debate was not in attendance, but community members all agreed they “felt a lot better” after airing their opinions.

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