Foot Fetishists Demand Return to In Person Meetings


Halifax, North Dakota

For Martin Brimmer, 43, the biggest downside of the pandemic has been the shift to virtual meetings.

“At my office, the women all wear really nice shoes, mostly high heels,” Brimmer said, “and when meetings get boring, I kind lean back in my chair and just stare at their feet, admiring their shoes.”

For shoe and foot fetishists like Brimmer, the impact has been quite extensive.

“Virtual meetings are all focused above the waist,” Jim Long, a 49 year old high heel fetishist told The Daily Flogger, “and it is really awkward to ask a coworker to point her camera at her feet.  They find it creepy.  Trust me, I know.  I’ve asked.”

According to Beth Newhouse, one of Long’s coworkers, that assessment is correct.  “Jim has always been a little creepy and we all know he stares at our feet, but this was beyond the pale, even for Jim.”

According to Dr. Julian Van Dorsh, a psychiatrist specializing in paraphilia and fetishes, “It is common for many people to have fetishes they keep hidden or only share with their romantic partners.  For some reason foot fetish people are different.  They just can’t seem to help themselves and have no boundaries.”

Both Brimmer and Long are anxious for a return to in person meetings and being able to see women’s shoes and feet in person.

“It just isn’t fair,” Brimmer said.  “There is no reason why cameras can’t show the whole person, including their feet.”


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