For Slave Training “Krispy Kreme” Ranks as Top Reward



A recent university report has found that among rewards for training submissives, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, narrowly beat out chocolate as a “top reward” for training.

The study found that if the doughnuts were given within 30 seconds after a behavior as positive reinforcement, they had a powerful predictive effect in having the behavior repeated at regular intervals.

While chocolate was nearly as effective, the doughnuts eventually won out in the testing.

“I just love them, I’d do anything for them,” said slave Kelly Upton, 28. Master Walker Yantz, 36, confirmed his slave’s love of the treat. “I can get her to do just about anything now using a couple of kreme filled. When she is especially good, I’ll give her a chocolate coated one.”

The only down side the study found was a 37% increase in type 2 diabetes among study participants and significant weight gain.

For slave Kelly and Master Walker, the downsides are “totally worth it.” As Master Walker said “she may be a little heavier, but she is way more obedient.”

Photo credit: Jim, the Photographer

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