Forgetful Submissive Can’t Remember if Stove is On or Off



Mary Beth McCormick, 22, left her house today with what she called “that forgetful feeling.”  The submissive McCormick couldn’t help but wonder if she had remembered to turn off the stove after cooking a breakfast of bacon and eggs.

“I just feel like I left the house forgetting something,” she told The Daily Flogger, “I just can’t for the life of me figure out what it was I was supposed to do before heading off to work.  Master is away on business and he always reminds me of the important things.”

The frustrated McCormick says this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.  In one case, she arrived at work wearing mis-matched socks, and “leaving the coffee pot on when she should have really turned it off” is a common occurrence.

Fortunately she is always able to remember her rituals and tasks for serving her Master, 28 year old Marvin Dumbromsky.

“I am pretty good at remembering things when punishment is involved,” she reports.  “It is just the everyday things I forget.”

She says her Master teases her about her forgetfulness often.  “He says I would forget to get dressed if he didn’t lay out my clothes for me in the morning.”

Upon realizing she was standing in the middle of the sidewalk naked, McCormick just laughed and said “See? Master is always right.  I better go back and check on the stove now.”

Photo credit: Chris Baggaratzi CC: NC

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