Games of Thrones Theme Party Leaves Dungeon Bloody Mess



Police were called to a Cleveland dungeon after a Game of Thrones themed play party got out of control.  Those who gathered for the play party have taken to a new form of BDSM called “Ned Stark Play” or simply “Starking,” a scene in which the is actually beheaded by a large sword, halberd or axe.

“They don’t bring it up as a hard limit in negotiations?  Well that’s on them,” Master Rob Snow, 52, told The Daily Flogger.  “There is nothing nonconsensual going on here.  If someone doesn’t want to be beheaded they’d say so.”

Donna McFadden, who simply goes by the name Khaleesi during the parties, agreed.  “We believe in personal responsibility, not getting caught up being the ‘decapitation police.’  We leave that to the people who aren’t as edgy.”

Kim Kristofensen, 19, described herself as the luckiest at the event.  “I always get there early so I can be Winter.  It’s the most fun part of the party.  Every time someone says ‘Winter is Coming’ someone has to run over and give me an orgasm.”

Snow, however, does have concerns about the longevity of these parties.  “We keep killing off the best submissives, so I am not sure how long we can sustain these events and make them financially viable.  It is likely some of us are going to jail, which is going to cut down on attendance.”

Fortunately for Snow and many of the other party goers, HBO series tend to have shorter production runs than typical TV shows. “We like to keep it real,” said Snow, “just like the show. No one is ever safe. At any moment you could be the one who gets the axe.”

“We are looking at 10, maybe 12 parties this season,” said Jim Brendon, owner of the dungeon where the parties take place.  “That should be manageable.”

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