Group Sets Minimum Level for Kink



The National Sexual Freedom Federation (NSFF) has developed a survey for what is considered “deviant enough to be considered kinky.”

Stemming from a massive influx of new people with new problems, the NSFF, an organization that provides legal advice and support to the kink community, has found itself stretched to its limits. Their telephone support network has been overloaded, causing stress and burnout among volunteers.

“We’re getting lots of calls about boyfriends being too aggressive in spanking their partners or women who want to know how to make their boyfriends tie them up tighter and we just don’t have the resources to handle it,” said Sarah West, spokesperson for the NSFF.

As a result, the group has created a short questionnaire to determine just how kinky the person is.

“If they are too vanilla, we direct them the appropriate resource, like Oprah or Dr. Phil,” said West, “that allows us to devote our resources to the D/s and M/s communities.”

Kimberly Smith, 22, was recently turned down for requesting building plans for a red room, like in 50 Shades of Grey.

“Of course, we’d like to help,” said West, “but we can only do so much.”

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