Het Male Dom Drinks Coffee to Feel “Woke”


Yakima, Oregon

Chip Morgan, a 24 year old Het Male Dom, has been making an effort to become more “woke” as he engages with the local BDSM community.

Morgan who prefers to go by his scene moniker “The Chipster,” has been doing his best to learn about diversity, inclusion, and equity,  “I want to become woke,” he said, “and what better way than to drink lots of coffee.  Some people have offered some websites and books to read, but who has time for that?  The Chipster can get all he needs from a fine cup of java.”

Chandra Twinning, head of the local BIPOC BDSM Outreach group told The Daily Flogger, “He just doesn’t get it.  Raising awareness isn’t about drinking coffee, it is about empathy and understanding.”

Morgan said he couldn’t disagree more.  “There is nothing wrong with shortcuts.  Shortcuts got me my first job, they got me into college, they got me through my classes and exams.  Hard work is for suckers.  And The Chipster has all the empathy he’ll ever need right here,” he added grabbing his crotch for apparently no reason.

Unfortunately, the massive intake of caffeine only resulted in an elevated heart rate and excessive sweating.

“I haven’t slept for two days,” Morgan said, “You can’t get any more woke than that.”

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