Little Discovers her “Inner Accountant”



Marjorie Blank, 42, spends most of her life living as a “little” or age player who goes by the name “Mar Mar” behaves as a 6 year old girl.

Blank had a major moment of discovery when she was playing with her crayons and coloring book and noticed that one of the pictures she was drawing had a waitress delivering a meal to some customers and giving the incorrect amount of change for the bill.

“I knew right way that such things were not sustainable for a business model,” Blank explained.  “I could feel that something wasn’t right.  Six year olds don’t calculate price to earning ratios, or calculate depreciation on office equipment.”

According to expert psychologist Harold Green, 54, “Sometimes littles find a need to retreat into the adult world. It can be a great release to do something “adult” for them.  It may seem absurd to onlookers, for example, a six year old doing complicated tax returns, but it is important to not judge such things.”

Blank was embarrassed at first, fearing that other littles and “even some of the bigs” wouldn’t be able to understand her needs.  But the story ultimately had a happy ending.

“I found a Daddy who likes to play office and he lets me do his returns every year.  April is my happiest month!” Blank added.

Photo credit:Dmitry Marochko CC: NC SA

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