Little Loses “Binkie” at Dungeon; Play Halted



Play at The Hot Spot, a local BDSM dungeon, ground to a halt this weekend when Tiffany Cross, 32, threw what observers called a “temper tantrum” after losing her “binkie” during a late night party.

The self-described “widdle” says she has a separate personality that often comes out and has the intellectual and emotional maturity of a 6 year old girl who is “a bit of a brat and always wants her way.”

The disruption starts with screaming and crying which is fairly typical and not generally out of place in the dungeon, but escalated quickly when Cross began stealing other people’s toys and refusing to give them back until they turned on the lights and “helped her find her binkie,” a small plastic pacifier that the submissive woman would keep in her mouth which being anally violated by her master.

“She just wasn’t having any of it and was going to make everyone else miserable until she got her way,” said Donna Cray, a 45 year old Mistress. ¬†“If she was my girl, she would definitely get a time out for this kind of behavior, but Master Donald lets her get away with this kind of shit all the time.”

After a brief delay during which an exhaustive search was done in the dungeon, the binkie was found and returned to Cross.

“I can’t pway wiff out my binkie,” she told¬†The Daily Flogger.

While most in the dungeon find her behavior inappropriate and annoying, according to Cray “We try not to judge other people’s kinks, at least not to their face.”

Photo credit: Austin Appel CC: NC SA

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