Local Dungeon Bans Grammar Nazi


Juniper, Alaska

In response to complaints about several postings on a local dungeon’s message board, BDSM dungeon and play space “Whips and Chains” has banned member Dan Holmes, a 32 year old computer programmer from events at the space.

“He tends to correct people for spelling, punctation, and grammar,” said May Trowel, one of the owners of the space, “and when people called him our on being a Grammar Nazi, we knew we had to act.”

The space which has banned race play and all forms of antisemitism said the choice was easy.

“If someone is doing something with the word Nazi in it, we have to act.”

Holmes said he was confused by the decision.  “There is nothing wrong with asking people to use a spell checker and to not confuse words like their and they’re,” he told The Daily Flogger.

Holmes said he won’t appeal the decision, but “to add insult to injury, they told me I had corrected people ‘one to many times’.”

Slave Heather Crooks, a 22 year old member of the dungeon, said she was surprised.  “I mean I knew he could be kind of an asshole, but I never would have guessed he hated Jewish people because of how they spell things.  It’s a real shocker.”

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