Local Dungeon Throws “Cliche Party”



This weekend Albuquerque’s premiere dungeon, The Vault, pulled out all the stops for their annual “Cliche” party. Dozens of women dressed in fetish costumes ranging from “cops in lingerie” to “nurses in vinyl” paraded around the dungeon.

Most popular where photographic cliches, including women wearing nothing but caution tape and several who spent the night in bathtubs filled with milk.

women were instructed to behave as “doormats” and be overly needy and emotionally unstable, while all dominant men were required to demand that they be addressed as “Master” or “Sir” and demand that all women be on their knees and wear their collar.

Female dominants were required to demand “tribute” and refer to everyone as “worthless” and “worms” and male were allowed only to make unreasonable demands on the time of others and whine and complain about how there were no dominant women who would fulfill their fantasies just the way they imagined them.

The night was considered a success by all who attended, though everyone agreed that “parties were much better when they first started getting into the scene and that the Internet has pretty much ruined everything.”

Photo Credit: Kevin Larson cc: by nc sa

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