Local Fetish Girl Just Doesn’t “Get” Rope



An 19 year old, self described “fetish girl” is perplexed today after witnessing several rope scenes at her local dungeon.

“I just don’t get it. It takes a long time and most of it looks like you could get out pretty easy,” said Tina King.

“I guess some of it looks pretty but if I ever let anyone put rope on me it would probably have to be pink rope and tied kind of loose,” the young kinkster added, “maybe a rope dress.”

When asked what she did enjoy, she explained, “I like to be spanked and hit lightly on the bottom with a paddle. Sometimes I wear cuffs too.”

In addition to finding rope too slow, King also believes it is “too complicated with all the knots and stuff. It is a lot like needle play to me,” she told The Daily Flogger, “I don’t really get that either.”

Photo credit: Alain-Christian CC: NC SA

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