Local Man “Too Dominant” for Munch



Dom Juan won’t be attending the local Tulla BDSM Munch for the foreseeable future.  The dominant man has declared himself “too dominant” to hang out with what he called “a group of poseurs, wannabes, fake submissives, and loser doms.”

The announcement came after Saturday’s munch where Dom Juan was accused of inappropriate behavior, excessive drinking, and, according to munch organizer Kris Jensen, a 22 year old woman, “generally being a complete douchebag.”

In his post to the munch group on Fetlife, Dom Juan attributed his inability to find a partner and being banned from most social and play events on his “excessive domliness” which many in the community find “threatening and a challenge to their way of thinking about BDSM.”

Dom Juan went on to describe the “threatening power of his enormous Dom Cock” and “his mastery of all the BDSM arts.”  The 23 year old dominant has dozens of pictures of his genitals posted to his Fetlife profile.

While claiming to have a decade of experience “training bitches,” he was unable to provide a single reference of a woman or man he had ever trained or even played with.

“They’re scared,” he told us, “Because once people know they’s been with Dom Juan, no one will ever measure up in comparison.”

Jensen, for her part, is just glad to be rid of him.  “He always annoys people.  We are hoping he will just go away.  We suggested he try the swinger community, maybe he can find a home there.”

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