Local Woman Changes Orientation



Tina Smeeder, 23, says she finds being a slave “tedious, boring, and not very much fun” and has decided to shift her orientation to “submissive,” which, according to her, sounds “like a lot better fit.”

Her announcement, made at the local MAsT meeting on Sunday has sent shock waves through the community, causing many to question their own orientation. Viewed as something of a leader, Smeeder’s decision to designate herself as a has led Donna Christ, 21, to re-evaluate her own choice of label.

“I changed my Fetlife label to ‘Kinkster’ until I can officially figure this out. I mean if Tina isn’t a slave, what right do I have to call myself one? Tina is way more slavey than me,” says Christ.

Some of the male masters disagreed with the decision, telling Smeeder than no matter what she calls herself, she still has a “slave heart,” a comment which the now woman finds offensive.

“Who knows my heart better than me?” she asked Tim Brooks, 32, the discussion leader of MAsT and her former Master.

Of the six additional women who regularly attend the meetings, 4 describe their identification as slaves now as “iffy” with the other two maintaining their description of slaves, but questioning the quality of their service.

Half of the men have renounced the term Master in protest.

In the wake of Smeeder’s re-orientation, Brooks says he believes the impact will be felt for years to come. “Southwest Rural South Michigan will never be the same,” he said.

Photo credit: Bryce Pollett CC: NC SA

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