Man Named “Community Leader” for Just Showing Up



Master Jackson Moore, 68, was stunned today as members of this local Masters, Mistresses, Slaves, and Switches (MMSS), was officially named as a “community leader,” a title that carries with it no significance, authority, or responsibility.

“I was shocked,” said Moore, “I’ve never really done anything, I just come to meetings and sometimes I say things.”

Slave Margo McGuilicutty, 28, told The Daily Flogger, “He is kind of a fixture here.  It is true he doesn’t really do very much, but he has just been around so long that we felt like we had to do something.”

Organizers of the local MMSS group believed that they would benefit both by giving out awards and by having the first recipient of their award as a member of the group.  “It was tough coming up with a reason,” said Tim Ross, 44, one of the group’s leaders.  “He’s never organized anything, never won or even ran for a title, never even taught a class.  But he is old and sometimes that is enough.”

Moore received a plaque and a congratulatory post on the website Fetlife.

Photo credit: marsmettn tallahassee cc: by nc sa

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