Masochist Sues Husband for Lack of Domestic Violence



Barbara Simms is suing her husband for what she is calling “16 years of a lack of domestic violence.”

Simms, a self-confessed masochist, says that when the relationship started, her partner Martin Jones would hit her regularly, often times twice a day. “If I was bad, he spanked me. There was always strict discipline. He was a brute and I loved it!”

After a year of marriage, Simms found that he was no longer aggressive or violent, instead he became addicted to watching television and playing video games.

“I started acting out, deliberately doing things I knew would bother him. He would threaten me with spankings, but they never happened. It got depressing.”

Simms started going outside the marriage for violence and abuse, even taking mixed martial arts classes and intentionally provoking the other students.

“I just needed someone to hit me, I see now it was wrong to involve others,” she told The Daily Flogger. “Now I feel like I am my wit’s end. I hope the law suit will get his attention.”

Jones is sympathetic, “I know our violence and beatings have been nonexistent for the past few years. I am going to work on that.”

Simms has agreed to drop the suit in exchange for daily spankings and a once a week full body beating.

On the bright side, Simms believe the relationship is salvageable. “At least the sex is good. We fuck everyday, so that is something.”

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