Master Capped; Slave Demands Tiara



“It just didn’t seem fair to me,” said slave Brenda, “I’m the one who does all the work.  I’m a fucking power slave after all.  I get shit done and I make the whole family work.  It didn’t seem right that he was getting a hat and I wasn’t getting shit.”

The incident in question, was the covering ceremony of slave Brenda’s master, Theo, who has, according to Brenda “not been doing it this long and learned everything he knows from me.”

The slave says she “adores her master and would do anything for him and obeys him almost religiously,” especially when he makes the right decisions.  “He rarely needs correction,” she added, “which is what makes him such a great master.”

According to Master Wallis P. Fernsworth, who capped Master Theo, “slave Brenda made it very clear there would be no covering unless she got something too, at which point she handed me a catalog with several dog-eared pages and a number of items circled in red marker.”

What the slave wanted was either a crown or a tiara.

“It seemed like a small price to pay to shut the bitch up,” said Master Wallis.  “We had some girls pull her aside and give her some crappy rhinestone crown, so we could get on to more serious business.”

“I’m so proud of him,” said slave Brenda, “and me too.  I’m proud of me.  Have you seen my tiara?”

Photo credit: Katie Sunstrom CC: NC SA

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