Master Renames Slaves as Days of the Week



As his BDSM family has grown Master Conrad Wesson, 53, has come up with a novel approach to remember who gets access to him and when.  The idea came to him when he added Kimmy Marsh, 22, to the family, raising his total number of slave to seven.

“Just like the days of the week, I thought.  And at that point I just renamed them all: Monday through Sunday.  Now everyone knows when it is their turn and what their position is.”

Julie, now slave Wednesday, found the transition a little challenging at first but “once we all learned each other’s new names, it really helped.  You can always tell where you stand and who is up before and after you.”

While the regularity is comforting, the structure is a challenge for some of the girls.  Slave Thursday, the oldest slave at 29, worries that she always has to follow Wednesday who she says “gives great blowjobs and doesn’t complain about anything.  I am sure I seem unsexy in comparison.  Plus Wednesday is a sexy name.  Thursday is kind dull.”

Master Conrad says he planned it that way.  “I am always a little tired mid week, so I need a break around Thursday and slave Thursday is good for that.”

Photo credit: Stacy Kraus CC: NC

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