Meat Industry and Leather Communities Create “Profitable” Alliance



In a surprising alliance, the United Meat Packers and Butchers Association of America have created a wide range of connections with organization in an effort to counter PR campaigns against PETA and vegan advocacy groups.

In a statement last week, the united meat industry promised free hides to any organized leather group that could prove the purchase and consumption of at least 20 pounds of beef per month.

“We believe in meat,” said Fred Frenz, the leader of the meat alliance, “and we know that people believe as strongly in leather. We have a ton of leather that we don’t really use, so if we sell more meat, we can give the leather away cheap or for free.”

Leatherworkers are excited about the influx of free material.  “I can reduce the cost of my floggers by half,” said Kim Halloway, a 26 year old leatherworker and BDSM top.  “This is amazing.  I can experiment with new designs and not have to worry about screwing up.”

In keeping with the new alliance, all MAst meetings are requiring that the group hold monthly barbecues, which serve burgers, steaks, or tri tip.

David Olg, organizer of the local MAsT meetings looks forward to the addition.  “We love meat and and I think this is a perfect match.”

Frentz agreed with the assessment, “It’s what we call a win/win.”

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