MIT Professor Explains “Energy Play”



Dr. Erik Klienschmidt, professor of Astrophysics and Applied Cosmology at MIT, gave a seminar this past week to a group of more than two dozen kinksters who gathered to hear the professor’s explanation of what is commonly called “energy play” in BDSM circles.

“Both Maxwell and Fermi were really kinky fucks,” Professor Klienschmidt began, “Maxwell was something of a bondage fetishist and Fermi loved a good golden shower. So it isn’t surprising that we find a connection between the work they did in physics and kink and fetish.”

The lectured continued with a discussion of the differences between fast-fission factors, fast non-leakage factors, resonance escape probability, thermal non-leakage factors and the, all important thermal fuel utilization factor, all spoken to a slide show of a bound Enrico Fermi being pissed on by -clad women.

The discussion of Fermi was followed by a slideshow of Robert Maxwell in various states of suspension bondage and hogties while Klienschmidt discussed the history and formulation of Maxwell’s laws on electromagnetism.

The audience members had difficulty connecting the lecture to any of their regular kinky activities, prompting the question from one audience member, “What does any of this have to do with kink or energy play?”

The professor shook his head dismissively, responding only by returning the question, sneering and mimicking the questioner’s voice “What does any of this have to do with kink?”

“Fucking morons,” Klienschmidt told¬†The Daily Flogger, “worse than my students. ¬†They just don’t get it.”

Photo credit: LSE Department of Statistics cc: by nc sa

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