Munch Success Creates Naming Crisis



The success of Halifax’s largest munch, may be causing problems. The monthly event held at TGIFridays, has grown over the past year and now has more than 100 members.

“We were informed last week that we are no longer a ‘munch’ because of our size. Apparently there are rules,” said organizer Kim Lewis, 28. “One of the issues is that everyone must be able to talk to everyone else, which is impossible with a group our size.”

The problem for Lewis is that they can’t call themselves a “party” either, because there is no play or BDSM activity allowed.

“It’s a real head scratcher,” says Lewis, “for now we are going with ‘event’ but that sounds overly dramatic. And people are already saying that an event should be annual, not monthly. It is all very confusing.”

To make matters worse, there is no easy mash-up of “munch” and “party.” For Lewis, neither “marty” nor “parch” works very well. “There really is no word for what we do,” says Lewis. “We ran a contest among members and the best we got was “Murty” which just sounds like the name of an old, bald guy.”

Event organizers are considering either limiting attendance or finding a venue that allows some form of play.

“For now, we are sticking with munch as a term. We’ll just take up a collection and pay the fine, I guess,” said Lewis.

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