Nagging Sub “Tired of Being Victimized”


HOLLYWOOD, CA – Angela Shrife, 26, of Toluca Lake is tired of being victimized at local dungeons. “I go in needing a good beating. It’s cathartic,” said Shrife. “But then over and over again these Doms I meet don’t do what I tell them!” Shrife cited numerous examples of scenes going wrong, leaving her angry and frustrated.

“I keep telling these tops what to do and what I don’t like, but they just do whatever. I’m sick being the victim,” Shrife said, weeping dramatically.

Many local Doms were contacted for this article for comment, but at press time there was only one response. “I played with her,” said TomDom (not his real name). “I kept asking her what she liked and if she had any triggers or hard stops, stuff like that. She just acted antsy and said, ‘Yes, yes, yes. RED. Got it.’ I didn’t even know what she was talking about.”

Other guests to the dungeon reported seeing Shrife on a bench shouting, “Not there, asshole!”

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