National Leather Council Sets Leather Standards


Poughkipsie, IA

In order to alleviate a decades-old debate over the nature of and participation in culture. the National Leather Council (NLC) has assigned point values to different activities to better assess one’s “leatherness.”

Now one can answer not only the question “Am I leather?” but define in extremely precise terms just how “leather” they actually are.

While the full list is still being compiled, several achievements have been documented:

  • Having someone give you a hat: 25 pts. Single use.
  • Holding a Title: 15 pts. per title. Repeatable up to 7 titles.
  • Giving someone a hat: 5 pts. Repeatable up to 10 times per year.
  • Being gifted a piece of leather: 10 pts. (hat not included)
  • Going to “All the Right Conferences”: 15 pts. per year.
  • Name Dropping: 7 pts. per name (unless name is connected to consent violation, then -10 pts.).
  • Explaining why someone else is “not really leather”: 5 pts. per person
  • Giving a talk at a Leather or Event: 5 pts. No limit on repeatability.
  • Reference to “Old Guard”: 1 pts. per reference, up to 10 pts. per day.
  • Shaming Others for Cultural Appropriation: 10 pts. per incident.
  • Identifying Poor Examples of Allyship: 5 pts. per incident.

NLC will be making pins available to allow people to display their scores and document their status within the Community.

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